Investment / Capital Markets

The Capital Markets unit provides investors with a dedicated service in either their acquisition strategies (Buy Side), arbitrage strategies (Sell Side) or their outsourcing (Sale & Lease Back).

Our expert brokers and insightful analysers provide corporate and private investors with strategic guidance (either sale or acquisition operations) and support them throughout the transactional process (analyses, market research, property visits and valuations…) to the ultimate settlement. We are strongly committed to conducting business with the highest integrity and so we take the privacy of our clients very seriously.

The Investment department advise clients all over France (Paris, Paris region and all others) and on all type of Real-Estate assets:

- Offices
- Retails (lower level shops, shopping malls, shopping centres, retail parks…)
- Offices and business premises
- Hotels
- Service residences (students, seniors)
- Medical Residences (health centres, nursing homes)
- Lands with planning permissions
- Housing

Our French and international clients have very different corporate profiles:

Institutional Investors

- Insurance companies, pension funds, mutual insurances
- Banks, Pension Funds, Investment Funds, Sovereign Funds
- Listed and private property companies
- Real-Estate Asset Managers
- Property developers and operators

Private Investors

- Wealthy Individuals, Family Offices, Private Banks, Private Ownerships
- Property trader
- Asset Managers

In order to meet all the facets of investor acquisitions, CORDELL Partners deals with all different typologies of risks: from “Core” assets (long-term property) to most “Value Added” assets (speculative, opportunistic…)

Therefore CORDELL Partners concludes the following deals:

- Sale of unit assets or Sale in portfolio,
- Asset Deal or Share Deal (either asset sale or company share, holding one or more assets),
- Sale of “VEFA” (Sale in the Future State of Completion) / CPI (Real Estate Development Contract) / MOD (Delegated Contracting Authority),
- Sale of leased assets for sale based on a yield
- Sale of vacant assets to be restructured or transformed (change of assignment, analysis of the potential for redevelopment and value creation),
- Editing of club deals, investor pools, joint ventures,
- Mission of Sale & Lease Back (Externalization Consulting)

CORDELL Partners also guides property owners who hold their business premises and wish to sell them back in a long-term lease to make funds available for their business activities. We deliver a consistent and accurate solution when it comes to this type of operation, in order to maximize a reliable optimization, running from valuation, to market research and finally leading to the setup of the leasing agreement.

Our strong network of corporate and private investors keeps growing each year thanks to the Capital Market team’s contributions.

Our strength lies in the ability of our team members to combine their regularly updated personal networks with the ones from the Agency Unit (Lease / Sale transactions), resulting in a real synergy between the two business functions. This enables our advisors to get a foothold in rising markets before our rivals, through a privileged access to the most valuable market assets.

In an ever more diversified, financialized and competitive market, choosing an accurate and local market advisory, combined with an excellent understanding of the capital employment, appears paramount in order to make informed decisions.

Over the last few years, our team was proud to sign contracts dealing with every size of financial investment and every typology of property assets throughout France.


Track Record

92-98 bd Victor Hugo 92110 CLICHY
Vente de 86 emplacements de parkings loués par une société de premier plan
23 rue Navoiseau 93100 MONTREUIL
Local commercial d'angle occupé - Rendement : 6.70 % AEM
5 700 m²
30 avenue George V 75008 Paris
Trophy Asset mixte bureaux/commerces. Volume d’investissement : 55 M€
7 800 m²
Chasse Royale - Rue Hector Berlioz 59300 Valenciennes
Ensemble immobilier composé de 3 bâtiments
3 200 m²
Chemin des Bassins Hameau 94000 Créteil
Parc tertiaire de 3 immeubles de bureaux occupés
233-237 avenue de Dunkerque 59000 Lille
Extension du commerce sur tout le pied d’immeuble
850 m²
62 boulevard Arago 75013 Paris
Bail de 6 ans fermes avec une école
8-10 rue Hélène 75017 Paris
Immeuble de bureaux à restructurer / transformer
71 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle 75009 Paris
Bureaux occupés par une administration
55 boulevard des Batignolles 75008 Paris
Pied d’immeuble commercial occupé par une agence immobilière
1 rue des Bruyères 92600 Asnières
Immeuble d’habitation en bloc - 14 appartements
6 700 m²
355 rue Joseph Cumin et René Augier 38980 Viriville
Ensemble mixte Bureaux / Activités 100 % loué
6 rue Ampère 75017 Paris
Hôtel particulier de bureaux indépendant