Presentation of the Company

CORDELL Partners is positioned as a global player in corporate real-estate transactions. We aim to help our customers maximize the value of their property assets through lease, acquisition and sale operations.

CORDELL Partners clients located in France and all over the world are comprised of:

- institutional and private investors and owners,
- occupier companies.

A multi-disciplinary team working with clients to help them see real-estate as a unique opportunity for value creation.

Board Members

Pierre-Etienne MAURY
Partner, MRICS
“We aim at creating unique relationships with our clients because we believe in genuine long-term partnerships, and our clients’ great loyalty is testimony to this.”
“CORDELL Partners hopes to combine counselling to tenants and investors and to benefit from the complementarity of these skills to empower its private and institutional clients.”
“Because of its independent status, CORDELL Partners steers clear of conflicts of interest and is always in tune with its clients’ deadlines and means, thus creating a durable and trusting bond with its customers.”


Core Activities
complementarity and synergy : Agency (Office/Retail) & Investment (Capital Markets) departments
combined number of years of our experienced partners in the corporate real-estate advisory service
- Independence
- Business agility & Professionalism
- Availability & Close Relationship with clients
- Expertise & Adaptability
- Reliance & Commitment
Of Our Clients
come from referrals
Transactions Minimum Each Year
resulting in a strong Track-Record

Our Values

An independent company, free from any potential conflicts of interest
An agile and responsive organisation
An available, stable and reliable team, ready to address clients’ issues
Expertise and versatility that stand out
Confidentiality and delivering on promises at the heart of our commitment

2 Activities

Two main sectors of activity:

- “Lease and Sale Transaction” Agency: serving companies looking for new premises in Paris and in the Paris region,

- “Investment/ Capital Market” Department: provides corporate and private investors with the necessary expertise concerning their corporate asset acquisition and arbitrage, for all types of businesses (offices, retails, hotels, housing) and throughout France (Ile-de-France and other regions).

The coexistence and complementarity of these 2 activities is essential to maximize added value.

The uniqueness of this set-up results from the capacity of the team members to provide their clients with accurate, tailored and reliable solutions throughout a client’s transactional steps: from investment to arbitrage, through rental property advertisement.

Our services concern the whole real-estate industry:

Owners and Institutional investors

- Insurance companies, pension funds, mutual insurances
- Banks, pension funds, investment funds, sovereign funds
- Listed and private property companies
- Real-estate asset managers
- Property developers and operators

Owners and Private Investors

- Wealthy Individuals, Family Offices, Private Banks, Private Ownerships
- Property trader
- Asset Managers

Occupiers: for their operating property

- All types of businesses : from small to big companies, including SMEs

Our clients’ deadlines and budgets are always carefully considered since we pay very special attention to the development of sustainable partner relationships.

Our counsel is based on a permanent watch of the market and real-estate trends to deliver real competitive solutions to meet client ambitions.

In order to be as effective as possible, we also work hand in hand with colleagues from other companies, attorneys, lawyers, notaries, tax lawyers, planners and experts to provide you with the best possible service.

Relying on counsel from market specialists who know the real-estate players is paramount for owners, investors or users in a constantly moving business environment.

Benefit from our experience, professionalism, availability and strong networking.

A company free from any conflicts of interest

Our company is a partnership consulting firm, and is thus only accountable to its clients.

Unlike big corporations backed by banks or investment funds, thus possibly leading to conflicts of interest, choosing CORDELL Partners is the guarantee of a perfectly unbiased and independent counsel.

Our clients trust us, particularly because of our total independence, which is a source of pride and repute.

Ethical rules

⇨ We also make a point to ensure the confidentiality of the information submitted to preserve our clients’ strategic interests.

We stand for uncompromising integrity and a high ethical conduct as the status of certain team members can testify: for instance Pierre-Etienne MAURY (chief-executive partner) is certified as a MRICS by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).